It could be a good thing that New York Democrats had their butts kicked on Tuesday, according to one political strategist.  

It means that they can’t fool themselves into thinking they’re in a strong position like they did in 2020, said Bruce Gyory of Manatt Phelps and Phillips.

Gyory told Capital Tonight that Tuesday’s losses were foreshadowed one year ago when billionaire Ron Lauder jumped into the fray, spending millions via an independent expenditure committee to push back on criminal justice reforms, including bail reform.  

The results, which the Democrats may have overlooked amid the thrill of winning a supermajority in the state Senate, were reduced margins in victories in several races and the outright losses of two incumbents, Sens. Monica Martinez and Jen Metzger.    

“A lot of Democrats felt that was just a scare, no problem. But the Republicans doubled down on the bail reform message and guess what? This year they lost two district attorney races that they were favorites in on the bail reform issue.” Gyory said. “And you can bet your sweet bippy that Lauder is probably talking to his investment advisor and saying 'I want you to free up 5 or $6 million because I’m going to go after the Democrats again.”