It was less than two weeks ago that the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in New York. Since then, there have been more than 200 confirmed cases of the virus in the state.

On Monday, it was revealed the Port Authority's executive director, Rick Cotton, has the virus and is among the thousands of people now in self-quarantine.

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced schools and large gathering spaces within a one-mile area of New Rochelle are closing down through March 25 to contain a cluster of cases.

On Wednesday, the state moved public college and university classes online as the SUNY and CUNY systems have a week to develop a policy for what they will mean for the hundreds of thousands of students.

And, over the course of one hour on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump moved to partially ban travel to and from the European Union, the NBA pulled the plug on its season, actor Tom Hanks revealed he and his wife Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the virus, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City was postponed.

Governor Cuomo, in an interview with his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday night, said life will become more disruptive in the coming days.

"We're beyond wash your hands, my brother," the governor said. "There is going to have to be major shifts in society short-term. Long-term, we'll be OK. But short-term there is going to be major shifts that government is going to have to enact."

This likely will include ways of mitigating the impact this could have for hospitals and helping them expand their capacity as the influx of cases is expected to grow.

"We have to scramble now to make sure we don't have a health care crisis where we don't have hospitals to handle the capacity," Cuomo said. "We have no surge hospital capacity here. We may very well, we're looking in New York at secondary structures that we can start to prepare for temporary hospital situations."

Businesses do not want their workers to travel. More work is going to be done from home.

Daily life, in the short term, is likely going to change more and more before things return to the old normal.