Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, New York state issued an eviction moratorium to help keep people in their homes. Delays in the rollout of the rental assistance have hurt both tenants and landlords. James Conley, a property owner from Western New York, said after repeated phone calls, he received funds from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program nearly five months after he first applied.

Conley said that most of his tenants have stayed in good standing financially, but he is “relieved” that the eviction moratorium is coming to an end on Jan. 15. Conley, who is also a relator, said he uses the income from the rental properties as a second salary to support his family with his wife taking care of their children.

This week, the Hochul administration reached out to the federal government to get more aid for the tenant assistance programs that the state has on the books. Gov. Hochul has said that she will let the moratorium lapse but will work with the state Legislature to get more assistance for New Yorkers.