Back in 2012, first-term Gov. Andrew Cuomo was one of the most popular governors in the country. 

He was so popular that Republicans like the late Sen. Tom Libous even included him in a re-election ad. 

Eight years later, Cuomo's national profile has sharply risen with the coronavirus pandemic and his daily briefings, making him one of the most prominent politicians in the country and has handed him sky-high favorable ratings again. 

So in a way it would make sense Cuomo is once again making appearances in campaign ads. 

President Donald Trump's ad featured Cuomo praising the federal government's response -- albeit with some creative editing cutting off some criticism. 

Then there's Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi, who on Wednesday released a TV ad that featured both men.  

"With Governor Cuomo, Tom Suozzi is fighting for New York during these tough times," the ad says, putting their images back to back. 

Cuomo eight years ago didn't criticize Libous for including him in the campaign spot, saying it was fine as long as it was accurate. 

But it's a sign that Cuomo, at the moment, is seen as a validator for campaigns heading into the election season.