A three way agreement on paid sick leave legislation was announced on Tuesday, but not all lawmakers are pleased with the new bill. 

Republican Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan say that the bill goes too far and allows someone to take a paid sick day if they need to deal with immigration issues or if they need to go to court. 

"The COVID-19 crisis will bring our businesses to their knees and the last thing they need is to worry about future regulations imposed on them by this state," Minority Leader Flanagan said in a statement.

Lawmakers are working to quickly pass the paid sick leave legislation Wednesday which was amended to include fourteen day so paid sick time for people in quarantine. The bill also requires small companies to pay their employees five paid sick days and larger employees seven paid days.

The bill allows for paid sick days to be used for a multitude of reasons including domestic violence, mental health treatments and the reasons mentioned above.

Flanagan and many other Republicans, however, say that the bill puts a strain on small businesses.

"Democrats should narrow the scope of this bill and deal solely with the crisis at hand, as outlined at the start of the legislation using existing family leave and disability programs to help small businesses, larger businesses, and their employees get through this very uncertain time," Flanagan said.

Both the Senate and the Assembly are voting on the Legislation starting Wednesday afternoon.