Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that there is a three-way agreement on the paid sick leave legislation that is expected to be finished today. 

According to a state Senate source, the final bill will include 14 days of paid leave for everyone.

Smaller businesses that might have a harder time affording 14 days of paid sick leave for their employees will have some options. Some or all of the costs can be borne by insurers through the paid family leave act or through the temporary disability insurance leave program. 

Once the state finds its way out of this pandemic, under this new bill, larger companies will also be required to pay their employees for seven paid sick days, and smaller companies will be required to pay for five. 

The Senate expects to take action on this bill on Wednesday. On Monday, the Senate and the Assembly canceled session to help limit density at the Capitol after two Assembly members tested positive for the coronavirus. The Senate did not specify when they would return, but now Wednesday seems to be the likely day they will return and vote, according to an inside source.

The Assembly is already planning to return for session on Wednesday.