Governor Andrew Cuomo, in an interview with his brother on CNN Monday evening, said the federal government has not yet "fully owned" the coronavirus crisis.

Cuomo over the last several days has urged the Trump administration to deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to help expand hospital capacity ahead of what's expected to be an influx of patients.

New York has about 3,000 intensive care unit beds and 50,000 hospital beds. The public health system could be overwhelmed by the wave of people needing care in the coming weeks during the outbreak.

At the same time, the governor said the response writ large has been left to the states.

"I think they have not yet fully owned this," Cuomo told his brother Chris Cuomo. "I think they've been watching it. I think they don't understand the capacity of the federal government and what it can do, and I think they have to own it, step into it, understand this is not working, every state do your own thing, figure it out."

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has said Cuomo should "do more" to handle the situation. In a conference call, Trump said ventilators are being sought by the federal government, but states should also pursue the equipment for ICU beds as well.

The problem, as Cuomo has pointed out, is a "global run" on ventilators that make them both expensive and difficult to acquire in the first place.

Cuomo has been critical of Trump, but also praised him when the federal government backed the state's ability to increase testing. ​

"You don't know how he's going to react and you are right, we go back and forth," Cuomo said in the CNN interview. "Look, I tell him the truth, right? And I said, by the way, a week ago, I said the testing is a debacle and we're not testing fast enough in this country."