President Donald Trump in a Twitter post on Monday said Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to "do more" with containing and managing the spread of coronavirus -- a claim that led to a retort from the New York Democrat.

"Just had a  very good tele-conference with Nation’s Governors," Trump wrote. "Went very well. Cuomo of New York has to 'do more'."




Trump for reasons unclear deleted the initial tweet and later reposted it. 

Cuomo said in response: "I have to do more?  No — YOU have to do something!  You’re supposed to be the President. Cuomo has been simulatanously complimentary and critical of the federal response to the crisis so far." 

While he's urged Trump to help New York expand hospital access and knocked the lack of availability of tests, he's also publicly thanked the Trump administration when New York has been approved for expanding testing to private laboratories. 

But Cuomo over the last several days has been publicly urging the federal government to have the Army Corps of Engineers expand hospitalization capacity to handle the expected increase in patients in the coming weeks. 

"Happy to do your job, too," Cuomo wrote in a follow-up tweet. "Just give me control of the Army Corps of Engineers and I’ll take it from there."


 For New Yorkers, Cuomo has been the public face of the response to the virus over the last several weeks. He's held daily briefings on the issue, opened drive-through testing sites and sought to restrict large gatherings of people to mitgate its spread.