For now, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his team have not considered backing any plans to move New York's presidential primary away from April 28. 

But Cuomo on Friday for the first time acknowledged the collecting of petition signatures for candidates in New York, due April 1, presents a problem for those running for office and their staff who go door to door to collect those signatures. 

It's not clear what New York will do to change that deadline amid the spread of a virus and social distancing efforts. 

Cuomo on Friday said efforts to address and combat the spread of the virus will take months -- raising the likelihood of voters heading to the polls as public health officials seek to keep people, especially older people and those with healthj conditions, a safe distance from one another.  

Democratic Sen. James Skoufis on Friday introduced legislation that would move the presidential primary to June, the same day as primary elections for state and congressional candidates. 

“Time is of the essence to act proactively and keep New Yorkers safe,” Skoufis said. “Moving the primary to June will give communities more time to keep resources where they are essential and minimize unnecessary group contact. I’m deeply committed to continuing to stay on the front lines of this pandemic and do everything possible to keep New Yorkers healthy from this virus.”