Unemployment insurance is expected to be strained as workers stay home or are temporarily thrown out of work amid efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced Thursday states can amend their laws to allow for unemployment insurance to be provided for multiple reasons surrounding the coronavirus, even if that person is still employed.

These reasons include:

  • They are quarantined, but will return to work
  • Their employer temporarily closes over concern of COVID-19, preventing them from going to work
  • They  leave work because they are worried about exposure or to care for a family member

Paying employee salaries for fourteen days of a quarantine has started to become a rising concern among businesses in New York.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been urging the Legislature to pass amended paid sick leave legislation that would provide assistance to employees quarantined or self isolated for an extended period of time. Legislative leaders say it looks like it will be passed early next week. Some businesses, however, are worried about the added expense. ​

A person that is receiving paid sick leave while quarantined would not be able to receive unemployment insurance since it would mean that they are still being paid, according to the Department of Labor.