Queens Democratic Assemblywoman Nily Rozic this week introduced a bill that would expand the use of restraining orders to cover smart tech devices in domestic violence cases. 

The proposal would prohibit people accused of domestic violence from activating smart devices in their homes, vehicles or property of survivors and victims. 

“New York needs to get smarter about protecting consumers,” Rozic said in a statement. “No domestic violence survivor should fall victim to the technology intended to protect them merely because antiquated laws fail to recognize the advances of modern technology.”

The devices can be used to unlock doors and windows or control devices in the home like thermostats.

The measure was endorsed by advocacy groups, who said it was a needed measure to ensure the safety of survivors.

“Safe Horizon’s utmost concern is the safety of domestic violence survivors," said Michael Polenberg of Safe Horizon. Recognizing the dangers of smart tech abuse, this legislation puts survivors and their safety concerns first, and makes their voices heard in their plight to seek justice."