A group composed of pastors and clergy, later this month, will host Black Acceleration Day in Albany — an effort to highlight a push for measures designed to provide economic support for the black community in New York.

The coalition, called the 400 Foundation, has scheduled its event on March 17, and plans to meet with top lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly.

They plan to call for $100 million in spending for acceleration centers and networks design to help underserved black communities, conduct a study on current and proposed bills that affect black communities and create a commission to review how to stimulate economic growth in those communities as well.

The group was formed in February 2019 and is composed of religious leaders as well as people who have worked in business development and consulting.

The effort in part is meant to address both employment and income inequality.

"Black Acceleration Day is about charting a new course to strengthen our communities for generations to come and ensuring the doomsday prediction that Black median household wealth will reach $0 by 2053 by attacking the roots of inequity and expanding access to good jobs, workforce training, and growing the black business base of New Yorkers," said the group's president, Rev. Reginald Bachus. ​