Republican Michael Lawler this week launched his bid for the Assembly seat held by Democrat Ellen Jaffee in Rockland County.

Lawler, the Orangetown deputy supervisor, is running on a platform of public safety, reducing taxes, seeking a fairer share of school aid funding from the state, and budget reforms.

“We live in the second highest taxed county in America, and our elected representatives in Albany have failed to address the critical issues impacting our communities,” Lawler said in a statement.  

“I’m running because we have an affordability crisis that’s making it near-impossible for average families to live here. This did not happen on its own: Rockland has been short changed on school aid for decades — leading to crippling local tax hikes and underperforming schools — and our incumbent officials have allowed it to go on. That’s wrong and it must end.”

Lawler also backs term limits. He wants to address corruption in Albany, lowering energy costs, and he backs open space efforts.

Jaffee announced this week she will seek re-election.