Opposition to a proposal that would reclassify workers in the on-demand or "gig" economy is continuing on Tuesday as the platform Handy will launch a digital ad campaign against the measure.

Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are discussing a measure that would provide more traditional labor benefits for companies that provide on-demand services through the web or phone apps like food delivery, ride hailing or handy services.

The workers do not have benefits workers in traditional sectors of the economy have in their jobs; the industry as well as some workers contend they enjoy the flexibility to have part-time jobs and earn extra money on the side.

The Handy campaign will be in the low-to-mid six figures and be featured on digital platforms, highlighting New Yorkers from Rochester and the Bronx. In the ads, the workers urge lawmakers in Albany to not make changes their labor classification.

“We think its critical that Albany hear from New Yorkers like Chantel and Justin as they consider new rules that would effect tens of thousands workers just like these two great Handy Pros," said Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan.