New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is realistic about President Donald Trump's shot at winning the state. 

But he expects Trump to help down-ballot candidates this fall in key congressional and legislative races in the pockets of upstate New York and the suburbs where the president has supporters. 

"We're pretty dark blue, but the places where we're running competitive races around the state for Congress and state Senate and Assembly, those are all areas where President Trump performed extremely well and he's going to do it again in 2020," Langworthy said.

Langworthy, along with a dozen party officials, filed at the state Board of Elections for Trump to appear on the New York ballot in 2020. 

The filing came the same day a Siena College poll showed, not surprisingly, that Trump trails Democratic candidates in New York. A Republican presidential candidate hasn't carried the state since 1984. 

Republicans hope this year to take back majority control of the state Senate and pick up several House seats they lost in 2018, including districts in the Hudson Valley and Staten Island.

But Langworthy sees parallels to the race that year, when Ronald Reagan swept 49 states -- the kind of electoral landslide that doesn't happen in the current era of national politics.

"I'm under no illusions that New York is going to be one of the first swing states," Langworthy said Monday. "But I'll tell you the way this Democratic primary is breaking, this has the opportunity to be Reagan '84."