Gov. Andrew Cuomo's tour of states with legalized marijuana won't include an official taster. 

But Cuomo in a conference call on Friday said he wants to get the bill right -- pointing to potential changes to legislation approved last year as a cautionary tale. 

"Let's do it right and go learn," he said.  "This is just a few days; it could be done on a weekend. I go, I see, I learn, I return."

Cuomo's trip will likely take him to states like California, Illinois and neighboring Massachusetts. It would come just as the state budget negotiations will heat up, where Cuomo wants to include a final marijuana agreement.  

One arena the governor wants to explore is law enforcement: How police are handling marijuana intoxication arrests when people get behind the wheel of a car.

"They still do not have a test to tell if a person is driving while under the influence of marijuana," he said. "There's a lot to learn, and I'd like to learn it."