Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday rolled out a slate of environmental leaders being enlisted to help push for a proposed $3 billion bond act meant to aid water restoration projects around New York. 

"We face a crisis for the planet and you only get one chance to fix it before reaching a point of no return. We recognize the magnitude and urgency of what we're dealing with - because if you don't save the planet, everything else is irrelevant," Cuomo said in a statement. 

"We're going to start the most ambitious climate change program this nation has seen and part of that effort is the environmental bond act. We're going to organize to get it passed in the budget and then implement the most successful climate change and environmental restoration program in the nation. It's a bold plan but we must do it because either you face the crisis of the time or the crisis defeats you."

Among those backing the plan at an announce in New York City: Dyson Foundation President Robert Dyson, Karenna Gore of the Center for Earth Ethics, former Parks Commissioner and Parks & Open Space Senior Fellow Rose Harvey and Larry Rockefeller, the co-founder of the League of Conservation Voters. 

The bond act proposal is meant to support water restoration projects in the state that improve water quality and re-establish natural habitats. 

Bond acts must be given final voter approval.