Senate Democrats are poised to propose changes to the state's new cash bail law, a development that received a warm reception from Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday morning. 

As Newsday reported Wednesday morning, Senate Democrats plan to propose what amounts to a two-part plan: End cash bail entirely, but expand the range of charges that would allow judges to determine if a person is too dangerous to go free pending trial. 

The plan comes as Democratic lawmakers, especially upstate and in suburban districts, have come under increasing pressure to make changes to the law, which end cash bail requirements for those facing misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges. 

"That’s my original plan that I put forth last year, which is no cash bail," Cuomo said on Wednesday in an interview with Long Island News Radio. 

The move would still have to be backed by the Democratic-led state Assembly, where Speaker Carl Heastie has been steadfastly opposed to changes. 

Cuomo in the interview reiterated what he's said previously: The law needs to be assessed as it's taking effect and be potentially altered along the way. 

"Let’s make the adjustment on facts and data, rather than the political storm that we’re in," he said.