Every year education advocates say more funding is needed for their schools just to keep it running.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has listed multiple school districts as high risk and in desperate need of more funding.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also called for more equal Foundation Aid so that the most at risk school districts could receive proper funding.

State lawmakers on Tuesday will be holding a joint budget hearing on education. And the Citizen Budget Commission will be testifying a new proposal that will not only save the state money, but make sure money goes directly to schools that are most in need.

The CBC says that Foundation aid should be directly distributed based on need and that the new formula should be crafted based on student need and local revenue efforts, meaning taxes.

According to testimony by the CBC, the governor's budget proposal permanently folds ten different education aids into Foundation Aid, but instead of distributing based on need, it is distributed based on previous years.

CBC will be suggesting to the Legislature to change how funds like this are distributed to make sure districts most at need, are seeing this funding first.