Gov. Andrew Cuomo, at the winter meeting of the National Governors Association, pitched New York's efforts to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects, saying it's an issue that's largely been left up to the states to tackle.

"If we want to keep pace with the rest of the world, we have to update our transportation network," Cuomo said. "And if the federal government won't do it, the states must do it as a basic matter of economic survival. Now, states getting into this business brings significant financial challenges for a state, as well as a highly specialized expertise."

Cuomo at the meeting pitched infrastructure projects that are the result of a mix of private and public sector funding, pointing to major airport renovation projects that required the private leasing of terminal space.

Cuomo has during his time in office focused heavily on bolstering the state's transportation network — including renovations of regional airports like LaGuardia and in upstate cities.

"Building public confidence in government's capacity to actually complete these big projects is essential if we are to have the political will to move forward on an ambitious building agenda," Cuomo said. "We want the federal government to know that the people of this nation want this kind of leadership and participation. That means the people of this nation need to know that if we embark on this venture, we can get it done and we will get it done, and it will happen efficiently and effectively."