The League of Women Voters on Tuesday urged the state to get a move on with redistricting for determining congressional and state legislative boundaries.

The group called on the Legislature to appoint commissioners to the state's newly revised redistrciting commission by the Feb. 1 deadline as mandated by the state constitution. 

“Even though the census count has not yet begun, this commission must be formed with enough time to begin hiring staff, studying current legislative maps, and planning for the 12 public hearings that will take place in New York State in 2021," said the group's president, Suzanne Stassevitch. "Legislative leaders must make their appointments by Feb. 1 or risk undermining the fair and unbiased map making process.”

The League of Women Voters in November released a letter to lawmakers to remind them of the deadline and subsequently sent a follow-up letter. 

The next round of redistricting will be based on the 2020 Census. 

A constitutional amendment in 2014 overhauled the redistricting process, mandating that new legislative districts are created by an independent body.