Swing-district Republican Rep. John Katko has his reservations with President Donald Trump, but the pros Katko identified in continuing Trump's presidency for a second term are a strong economy, trade agreements, and national security. He says these outweigh the policy platforms of Democrats seeking to run against him. 

"As much as I am sometimes frustrated by the president's approach, I believe our country is in a better place today than it was four years ago," Katko said. "We cannot afford the extreme policies being championed by the left — which would result in higher taxes for every American and a guaranteed debt crisis for our country. Given this choice, I will support President Trump this November."

Katko represents a battleground House district in central New York — one that has switched with some regularity over the last decade between Republicans and Democrats. First elected in 2014, Katko is seeking a fourth term.  

"The upcoming election presents every American with the opportunity to look objectively at the president's record and current state of this country, and to contrast it with the proposals presented by the Democratic candidates," Katko said. "Under this president, our economy is flourishing, we've improved trade with other nations, and our national security is strong both at home and abroad. I weigh these accomplishments against the far-left proposals we're hearing from the Democrats running for president: Medicare-for-All, open borders, and trillions of dollars in new spending." 

Katko has had the challenges of a swing-district lawmaker. He voted against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act but in favor of a major tax-cut package that had been pushed by the president. 

"Since coming to Congress, I have always focused on dispensing with partisan rhetoric and working across the aisle to achieve results for central New York," Katko said. "I make clear when I disagree with the president, calling him out when his tone is offensive or divisive and publicly stating when I oppose his policies."