More engineering help, mental health care and fire inspectors were among the action items Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday before he departed from Puerto Rico following a series of earthquakes that rattled the island in recent weeks.

Cuomo announced New York State is deploying eight engineers and utility workers to help address power outages caused by the earthquakes.

At the same time, New York is also making available bilingual mental health professionals to help people who are suffering from trauma.

The state is also conducting damage assessments of buildings and basic code compliance with a team of inspectors from the Department of State and State Fire.

Cuomo toured a power plant with utility officials while on the island over the last two days.

"Until the tremors stop it is an ongoing situation that has to be managed and nobody can tell you today when the tremors will actually stop so it is unique in that regard," Cuomo said on Wednesday. "But, we do need structural engineers who can come and supplement the central government and local governments, inspectors and we will be helping with that."

Cuomo also called on President Donald Trump's administration to issue a major disaster declaration to help contend with the damage caused by the earthquakes.