Gov. Andrew Cuomo paid the artist who helped him put the finishing touches on his throwback political art poster $6,550, according to a newly released campaign filing.

Cuomo handed out the artwork last week at the Capitol to lawmakers as an expression of his vision for where New York is at in the new year.

The poster is based on a campaign poster used by turn-of-the-century presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. It depicts New York symbolically in a stormy sea surrounded by monsters representing racism and bigotry, while the progressive accomplishments of the last decade are rising above on a cliff.

Cuomo has previously paid artist Rusty Zimmerman from his re-election campaign account for similar political posters in 2010 and 2012.

The filing shows the campaign made an initial $2,000 payment to Zimmerman, a Brooklyn-based artist, in November. He was also paid $4,550 in January as the artwork was finalized.

The governor presides the design for the posters, and Zimmerman adds color and other ornaments to the work.

Cuomo's re-election campaign report a cash-on-hand total of $11.9 million after raising nearly $4.5 million in the last six months.