New York City Transit Authority President Andy Byford in Albany on Tuesday met for more than an hour with Assembly lawmakers in what was described as a blunt and occasionally contentious session.

Byford came to Albany at the request of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie made a day earlier to meet with the Queens delegation about a proposed overhauling of the borough's bus routes.

Byford has met twice in the last several days with officials in Queens to discuss the proposal. He also plans to attend a community event in Assemblyman Michael DenDekker's district on Wednesday.

"We are at the very beginning of the process and are committed to working with our partners in the Legislature," Byford said. "Our trip to the Capitol Tuesday is further proof that we are serious about listening to the concerns of Queens' lawmakers and the community and working with them as we move forward in this necessary once-in-a-generation redesign of the borough's bus system."

The MTA has previously rolled out a bus route redesign on Staten Island and is about to finalize one for the Bronx.

The bus plan in Queens comes amid a politically sensitive time, especially for Democratic incumbents who are expected to face progressive primary challenges in June.