Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday will return to Puerto Rico to provide relief efforts to the earthquake-ravaged island.

Cuomo has traveled to the island several times since taking office as governor and has directed state resources to aid the island after Hurricane Maria. 

State officials have traveled to Puerto Rico to provide storm relief efforts and power restoration. 

Cuomo also spent Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico last year. Since then, Puerto Rico has been hit with several earthquakes this month. 

The governor is expected to travel with his budget director, Robert Mujica. 

"New York has been a tremendous supporter on the recovery of Hurricane Maria," Cuomo said during a visit to Rockland County on Monday. "Now, they get hit with earthquakes and it is ongoing. So we will go down tomorrow. The point of the visit is basically to assess the damage and determine how we can best help. And we will bring down some state officials that have a broad expertise. The budget director is going to come with us - Robert Mujica. To find out what we can do to help. Can we help with engineering, can we help with the power plant, can we help with supplies? What do they need that we can best provide."