Governor Andrew Cuomo sounded more like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine fame than Alfred E. Smith on Monday when asked if New York City should be worried it will bear the brunt the burden of the state's $6.1 billion budget gap.

"No. No one should be worried," Cuomo said. "Everything is good."

Cuomo raised concerns among local government officials in the State of the State when he pointed out the state had helped ease the cost of Medciaid spending by capping increases after the approval of the state's cap on property taxes.

While discussing the budget gap, which is fueled in part by a shortfall in Medicaid spending, Cuomo pointed to the arrangement has having been benefical to local governments.

The move was meant to help local governments continue to budget withing the cap, which limits levy increases at 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower. But New York City, as Cuomo pointed out on Monday, does not have a similar property tax structure as localities in the rest of the state.

"They're writing a check that we sign, right?" Cuomo said on Monday. "We saw the numbers go up. I was explaining where the deficit came from."

For now, things are being left vague on the issue. Cuomo promised more details when the state budget is unveiled next week.

"I've not yet proposed how we believe we should resolve it, and that will be in the budget," Cuomo said.