A deal between the state Assembly and Senate has been reached to approve 10 stretch limousine safety measures, Democratic Sen. Tim Kennedy on Thursday said. 

The measures include seat belt requirements, training, drug and alcohol testing, penalties for being out of compliance with safety regulations, and a task force to further study safety issues for the vehicles. 

Families of those who have died in stretch limousine crashes, including the October 2018 crash that killed 20 people in Schoharie, pushed for the safety laws. Some of the families had been disappointed by the package of limousine safety measures that included strengthening insurance requirements, new felony penalties for people who cause a death when a vehicle is under suspension, and authorized the DMV to refuse and revoke registrations for altered vehicles that fail to meet federal safety requirements.

"They have demonstrated so much courage by taking the grief they have and turning into positive action so that other individuals won't be hurt or die because of a lack of action here in New York state, and quite frankly across the country," Kennedy said. 

"Limousines that are not following the law, these bad actors, need to be taken off the road. The families would not take no for an answer."

It's not yet clear when the bills will be approved in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, but Kennedy said the bills are being "fast-tracked" for final passage.