As the new legislative session dawns in Albany on Wednesday,, a progressive organization backed by business groups, touted the accomplishments of the prior year. 

But at the same time, the group in a statement said it wants to ensure those accomplishments -- the passage of a measure allowing undocumented immigrants to access driver's licenses, will be fully enacted. 

State lawmakers last year approved two key immigration-related measures. In addition to the driver's license law, Cuomo and the Legislature agreed to the passage of a state-level version of the DREAM Act, which provides state tuition assistance to undocumented immigrations living in New York.  

“This year, we aim to help millions more New Yorkers realize their full potential by driving more change at the local level. Our state-based work will support public safety measures such as ensuring eligible New Yorkers can access driver’s licenses, as well as promoting awareness about harmful anti-immigrant legislation which hurts our economy and communities," said New York State Manager Eddie Taveras.

“Ultimately, our North Star goal remains comprehensive immigration reform, including expanding existing legal immigration channels and providing an earned path to citizenship for undocumented people, including for DACA recipients and people with Temporary Protected Status. We believe our work at the state level will help us to better achieve comprehensive reform, and we will continue to demand the immigration changes that our country deserves. We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to deliver more opportunity and justice for New York’s families.”