New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a new cybersecurity plan for the state Wednesday morning, calling it a "nation-leading" plan.

The governor said her number one priority is keeping the people of the state safe — and that protecting institutions and infrastructure from cyberattacks is an essential part of that mission.

Hochul laid out three parts to New York's first statewide cybersecurity strategy:

  • Unification: The plan would provide money and resources to local and county governments. Hochul says all levels of government are so connected that a cyberattack on one locality can quickly and easily find its way across the state.
  • Resiliance: The governor said that the plan needs to include the private sector and non-profits in the state, which can be targets of these attacks.
  • Preparedness: Hochul said the state needs to know how to address this growing threat.

"We're expanding our SUNY programs into more high-tech cyber research. I need more professionals," Hochul said.

Hochul said it's not just college students, but is also letting high school students know about career opportunities in cybersecurity.

She said the threat is clear — in some cases painfully clear — and now is the time to start being more proactive as opposed to reactive.