Update 5/10/24: According to documents obtained from Webster Town Court, Doorley was fined $90 and had an additional surcharge of $93, which she has paid. Doorley pleaded guilty to speeding for going 55 in a 35-mile-per-hour zone.

Original Story:

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has issued an apology, saying she is taking "full responsibility" for her conduct during a traffic stop last week that was caught on camera. The incident prompted Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday to refer the case to the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct.

Lawmakers from across Rochester and Monroe County have been calling for investigations after the town of Webster on Friday released body camera footage showing Doorley being uncooperative as an officer pulled her over on April 22.

In a video apology, Doorley said in part: "Last Monday, I failed you and the standards that I hold myself to. And for that, I am so sorry. What I did was wrong, no excuses. I take full responsibility for my actions." The full version can be seen here.

Webster police say Doorley refused to stop when an officer activated his lights and sirens saying he detected her vehicle going 55 in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. Police say Doorley proceeded to drive all the way home before speaking with the officer.

In the video, the officer asks Doorley to cooperate, but she refuses.

"I was directly behind you," the officer said.

"I am not dealing with you right now," Doorley said.

"Can you please step over here?" the officer asked.

"I am not going to," Doorley said.

The disagreement continues during the video.

Doorley responded in a statement last Thursday that she pleaded guilty, sent the ticket to the town court and had no intention of using her position to receive a benefit. 

The video shows the DA saying she didn't know the officer was trying to pull her over. However, that is at odds with the statement Doorley put out Thursday, in which she claimed to have realized the officer intended for her to stop and called the police chief while on the road to say it was her. In the footage, she was already out of her vehicle and calling the chief.

The Rochester City Council and members of the Monroe County Legislature are calling on the state to launch probes. In a statement released on Monday, Gov. Hochul addressed the incident:

"District Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting criminal and traffic offenses, and must perform their duties with the highest ethical standards. Earlier today, I referred the Monroe County District Attorney to the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct following the release of police bodycam footage showing her claiming she is above the law, attempting to use her public office to evade responsibility, and acting unprofessionally towards a police officer simply trying to do his job. In doing so, she was acting in contravention of her responsibility as a District Attorney and undermined her ability to hold others accountable for violating the law. We are deeply grateful to the men and women of law enforcement who put on a uniform each day to protect the safety of all New Yorkers."

A joint statement was also released over the weekend by members of the Greater Rochester Majority Delegation, including both members of the New York State Assembly and Senate, saying Doorley's conduct was an abuse of power that sets a dangerous precedent.

They cited recent events as another reason why they say she acted unethically:

"At a time when traffic stops are too often capable of becoming deadly for both law enforcement and the driver, including recently in Syracuse, the ramifications of her actions cannot be ignored," the delegation said in a statement.

“I know that law enforcement is a tough profession. It’s a noble profession and we need as much support as we can get,” said New York State Police Superintendent Steven James. “I’m not just casting aspersions. As a public servant, we know and realize that we have to operate at a higher standard. It says, 'no one’s above the law' and that’s the true standard. I just find that if we carry ourselves in that way where we don’t believe that we are above the law, we’re much better off.

“We’re all human. Obviously with the advent of technology and cameras, everything is caught or captured but, not this particular case, but there’s no excuse for, I’ll only speak for myself, to feel like I can operate beyond the bounds of the law."

Monroe County Republican Party Chair Patrick Reilly released a statement Monday, saying:

"I have reviewed the several minutes of body-worn camera footage of the traffic stop involving District Attorney Sandra Doorley, which she has taken responsibility for, paid her ticket for, and wholeheartedly apologized for. In perspective, I have also watched several decades of our District Attorney fighting for victims, safeguarding our community, standing beside and for our members of law enforcement, and defending the rule of law - even at times when she was only one. Democrats who now pretend to care about law enforcement, including some who have been criminally investigated themselves, have no credibility to speak on this matter.  Let's not pretend the same party that allows their constituents to be shot, robbed, and murdered on a daily basis cares about the rule of the law in this County. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has a bad day - District Attorney Doorley has atoned, should not, and will not be going anywhere, and the Monroe County Republican Party continues to fully stand behind her and her office's mission."

The Rochester Police Locust Club also released a statement Monday, saying:

"The Locust Club acknowledges that DA Doorley's conduct on the day of the incident near her home in Webster fell short of the standard that is expected of her as the County's chief law enforcement official. All citizens are responsible to obey the lawful commands of the men and women of law enforcement who are doing their job to protect our communities. However, we have also reviewed and reflected upon Ms. Doorley's public statements since the incident, and we take her at her word that she is regretful and apologetic for the choices she made. Those acknowledged mistakes in no way overshadow Ms. Doorley's 30+ year record of fighting for the victims of crime in Monroe County and standing shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of the Locust Club and law enforcement throughout the county. We look forward to moving past this incident and continuing our positive relationship with Ms. Doorley and her office."