The road to control of the U.S. House next year runs in no small part through New York, with competitive congressional contests on Long Island, in the Hudson Valley and in the Syracuse area.

New York is also home to a bitter Democratic primary battle, in which the Israel-Hamas War is a defining issue.

Campaign filings from the first quarter of the election year, which stretched from Jan. 1 to March 31, showed that in most of these competitive New York races, the Democrats repeatedly outraised their Republican opponents.

Here is where the candidates stand financially:


The field has condensed in this Suffolk County district in recent weeks, with now just two main Democrats vying for the nomination. Incumbent Republican Nick LaLota has a cash-on-hand advantage at the end of the three-month period, but Democratic challenger John Avlon outraised him despite only launching his campaign halfway thru the quarter. A filing from indicted former Rep. George Santos, who says he will now be running as an independent, showed he raised no money in the recent quarter. Under newly redrawn maps, this district backed Donald Trump by 1.8% in 2020. (This is an improvement for Republicans. Under the old lines, it backed Joe Biden by 0.2% in 2020.)

Nick LaLota (R) - incumbent

  • Receipts in Q1: $563,444.44
  • Spent in Q1: $114,422.40
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,732,475.50

Nancy Goroff (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $323,438.84
  • Spent in Q1: $227,595.66
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $625,490.09

John Avlon (D) - announced bid in February

  • Receipts in Q1: $1,135,139.59
  • Spent in Q1: $104,096.59
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,031,043.00

George Santos (I)

  • Receipts for March 7-31: $0.00
  • Spent in for March 7-31: $0.00
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $0.00          

Note: Santos also filed in New York’s 3rd district where he ran previously. The filing showed he spent roughly $21,000 more than he brought in during the first quarter. He ended the quarter with $781,932.07 of debt.


Democrat Tom Suozzi recently got sworn in to represent this seat, previously occupied by scandal-plagued Republican George Santos. Under the new map, the district is slightly bluer. Suozzi’s filing leaves him with a comfortable cash advantage at the end of the quarter over potential Republican challengers.

Tom Suozzi (D) - incumbent

  • Receipts for March 5-31: $280,814.40
  • Spent in March 5-31: $125,571.28
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,109,649.22

Greg Hach (R)

  • Receipts in Q1: $477,614.76
  • Spent in Q1: $46,663.59
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $562,777.25
  • Debt: $685,026.56

Mike LiPetri (R)

  • Receipts in Q1: $52.05
  • Spent in Q1: $0.00
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $5,362.92
  • Debt: $25,000.00


Anthony D’Esposito and Laura Gillen are heading for rematch in New York’s 4th district, which is based in Nassau County. While Gillen raised more than double what D’Esposito raised in the first quarter, D’Esposito has a cash-on-hand advantage. 

Anthony D’Esposito (R) - incumbent

  • Receipts in Q1: $261,609.62
  • Spent in Q1: $145,933.54
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,363,618.41
  • Debt: $44,118.79

Laura Gillen (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $560,437.75
  • Spent in Q1: $181,693.46
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $879,582.62


A safe Democratic seat, this Westchester County and Bronx seat is home to a bitter primary fight between a two-term incumbent, Jamaal Bowman, and a longtime local leader, Westchester County Executive George Latimer. Latimer has outraised Bowman two quarters in a row, though Bowman did improve his fundraising performance in the most recent quarter. 

Jamaal Bowman (D) - incumbent 

  • Receipts in Q1: $1,308,107.28
  • Spent in Q1: $473,427.28
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,465,343.08

George Latimer (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: 2,246,498.18
  • Spent in Q1: 529,360.62
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $3,038,124.58


Incumbent Mike Lawler is looking to hold former Rep. Mondaire Jones in this competitive seat. Jones more than doubled Lawler’s fundraising in the first quarter. They both have just over $3 million cash-on-hand.

Mike Lawler (R) - incumbent

  • Receipts in Q1: $855,457.32
  • Spent in Q1: $333,092.30
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $3,022,484.75

Mondaire Jones (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $1,761,642.72
  • Spent in Q1: $226,374.66
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $3,115,165.39


In the sole competitive seat in New York where Democrats are on the defensive, Pat Ryan is looking to hold off Republican challenger (and former candidate for lieutenant governor) Alison Esposito. Ryan once again outraised Esposito, more than doubling her fundraising. Ryan has a more than $2 million cash-on-hand advantage.

Pat Ryan (D) - incumbent

  • Receipts in Q1: $909,448.21
  • Spent in Q1: $352,437.36
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $2,768,926.33

Alison Esposito (R)

  • Receipts in Q1: $425,247.06
  • Spent in Q1: $186,213.26
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $437,127.44


In another rematch from 2022, incumbent Republican Marc Molinaro is looking to hold onto his seat amid a challenge from Democrat Josh Riley. In the first three months of 2024, campaign filings show Riley more than doubled Molinaro’s cash haul, and he ended the quarter with $700,000 more in the bank.

Marc Molinaro (R) - incumbent 

  • Receipts in Q1: $536,927.56
  • Spent in Q1: $388,580.35
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,767,263.99       

Josh Riley (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $1,354,910.70
  • Spent in Q1: $315,155.61
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $2,508,262.55


This Syracuse area district is a top target for Democrats this November, after redistricting made it slightly more Biden-friendly. Here, Republican incumbent Brandon Williams outraised his Democratic rivals and has a cash-on-hand advantage at the end of the quarter.

Brandon Williams (R) - incumbent

  • Receipts in Q1: $388,746.90
  • Spent in Q1: $221,441.46
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $1,080,376.00

Sarah Klee Hood (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $329,608.49
  • Spent in Q1: $185,306.25
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $416,356.95
  • Debt: $27,942.56

John Mannion (D)

  • Receipts in Q1: $302,743.01
  • Spent in Q1: $154,710.74
  • Cash on hand at the end of Q1: $372,834.21