An analysis of managed long term care plans, or MTLC plans, by former New York state Budget Director Paul Francis, who is currently with Step Two Policy Project, found that the state could save money if it eliminated the MTLC plans and returned to a fee-for-service model.

The analysis found that the total annual gross savings from eliminating MTLC plans in 2025 would save over $900 million and that the state share gross savings reaches over $400 million.

Ilana Berger, of the New York Caring Majority Coalition, said in a statement that proposed cuts to home care hours and wages would “force tens of thousands of older adults and disabled New Yorkers into nursing homes and institutions.”

A proposed bill sponsored by the chairs of the state legislative health committees — state Sen. Gustavo Rivera and Assemblymember Amy Paulin — would return the state to the fee-for-service model which they argue would save the state money due to high administrative costs.

Eric Linzer, president and CEO of the Health Plan Association, joined Capital Tonight earlier this month and argued that removing MTLC plans would disrupt care for the state’s most at-risk individuals and that savings forecasted are “cherry picked."

You can read the full analysis from Step Two Policy Project below.