BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Across the country, states are proposing or enacting legislation to regulate how kids interact with social media, including a New York bill  Gov. Kathy Hochul is prioritizing this year.

Dayna Geldwert, a public policy manager for Meta, said the patchwork approach is not the answer.

"The challenge here is that these social media laws will hold different platforms to different standards in different states and they will leave teens with different online experiences and just a whole mess for parents," Geldwert said.

Meta is advocating for the federal government to bring forward its own legislation based on a proposal the company said its developed working with organizations, parents and policymakers.

"We believe the best way to support parents and young parents is a simple industry-wide solution where all apps are held to the same consistent standard," Geldwert said.

Many of the state laws and proposals include language to address age verification and parental consent. Geldwert said it is often difficult to implement and can create privacy concerns.

The company is proposing the government require parental approval when teens under 16 download new apps from the app store.

"This really gives parents an easy way to oversee and approve their teens online activity in one place and they can ensure their teens are not accessing adult content or apps or just apps that they don't want their teen to use," Geldwert said.

Meta's framework proposal also calls on the federal government to require apps to have supervision controls, develop industry standards for ads targeting children under 16 and create a content rating system.

"We think it should be similar to movies and video games and ratings. We just really believe it's important that we have these industry standards so that parents can rely on that when they're making decisions about their teens online experiences," she said.

Geldwert said the company is opposed to legislation that includes bans on the predictive algorithm nearly all social media platforms now utilize. She said the algorithms not only create a better online experience specifically tailored to the user but it also is one of the best tools companies have to provide protections like filtering out age inappropriate content and limiting adults from interacting with teen accounts.

Meta said any legislation the federal government enacts should preempt state laws to avoid problems with inconsistency from state to state.