While advocates on the left and the right agree that something should be done about New York’s population loss, they don’t agree on how to fix the problem. 

One example: The fiscally moderate Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) applauded Gov. Kathy Hochul’s decision not to raise taxes on the wealthy. The CBC’s president stated, “Wisely, the Governor did not include a broad tax increase... Holding to this, and ensuring that temporary increases sunset on time, is critically important to New York’s competitiveness.”

Then there’s the more progressive Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI), which took the opposing view.

FPI’s Director Nathan Gusdorf said in a statement, “Despite the State’s improving economic outlook, the modest Executive Budget lacks the deep investments needed to reverse New York’s affordability crisis and stem the state’s population loss.”

So, which is it?

The Fiscal Policy Institute joined Capital Tonight host Susan Arbetter with his perspective on the governor’s FY25 budget proposal.