As U.S. airlines get ready for what the TSA expects to be the busiest holiday travel season ever, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says they need to make it easier for parents to sit near their children.

At the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport on Monday, Schumer unveiled the Families Fly Together Act.

The federal legislation would ensure children 13 and under would be able to sit next to an accompanying family member with no additional fees outside the base ticket costs.

Schumer said the so-called "junk fees" are deceptive, expensive and create extra headaches for parents.

"Whether it's Thanksgiving or any other time, airlines should not be forcing parents to plead once they get on the plane to sit with their kids or forcing parents into a game of musical chairs," Schumer said.

The majority leader said he has been pushing airlines for years to remove the fees, and earlier this year, four of the 10 major domestic airlines did voluntarily agree to change their policies.