New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed a bill that bans the dumping of radiological waste from the Indian Point Energy Center nuclear plant as it goes through the decommissioning process. 

The measure was passed by the state Legislature back in June as lawmakers and environmental advocates pointed to the economic damage that can be done by discharging the waste into the Hudson River. Opponents, including a labor union that represents workers at the Westchester County site as well as the owner of Indian Point, said the measure is unnecessary and could cost jobs. 

“The Hudson River is one of New York’s landmark natural treasures, and it’s critical we stand together to protect it for generations to come,” Gov. Hochul said in a statement Friday. “My administration remains committed to protecting the economic vitality of the region and working closely with local communities who have advocated so passionately for this cause.”  

Hochul said her administration will continue to work closely with federal regulators, Holtec, local officials and the state’s Decommissioning Oversight Board to identify feasible and acceptable alternatives of wastewater disposal so that decommissioning Indian Point can continue and that jobs can be preserved.

“The signing of this bill comes as such welcome news to so many people in my district and far beyond. Today I say thank you to Governor Hochul and her office for carefully considering this legislation, and to my colleagues at the federal, state and local levels for their support," state Assemblymember Dana Levenberg, who sponsored the legislation, said in a statement. "I am also incredibly grateful to the advocates who dedicated countless hours alongside us legislators working to get this legislation passed. So many people in the Hudson Valley showed up to this fight determined to protect the river that defines our region, and we will continue working together in the coming years to ensure a safe and successful decommissioning of Indian Point.”


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