BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In response to two separate alleged incidents of sexual assault committed by a migrant, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz insisted over the weekend Mayor Eric Adams stop sending people from New York City.

On Thursday, Poloncarz reiterated the county is not permanently done with the relocation program.

"We're trying to work through the issues, the security issues and I think he in the conversations I had with him, he understands the seriousness of this issue," he said.

In the meantime, the state has deployed 108 members of the National Guard to Erie and Monroe counties with roughly 27 at each of the four hotels. The governor's office says they began arriving at the three Erie County locations Wednesday and will be in Monroe County on Friday.

Additionally, 15 personnel will staff the command center in Erie County to supervise. The support includes handing out food, water and legal materials and general management.

"They're not to act as security. I want people to understand that. They're there to ensure the process is being managed properly," Poloncarz said.

The county is also preparing for roughly 120 migrant children to begin at local schools this fall. Poloncarz said his office is communicating with numerous partners including BOCES, various districts and superintendents, and is finalizing a plan to announce soon.

"We have a good tentative plan in place so when the school year starts they'll be able to educate the students and ensure that no district is just inundated and cannot handle it," he said.

Finally, the county executive said he is following up on the Cheektowaga police chief's call to discontinue the use of one of the hotels. Local leaders said it is where a staffer who was allegedly sexually assaulted was working with migrants but also is situated in a residential area.

"The conversations I've had from the state and others indicate that they will close that Dingens Street hotel which is in a residential neighborhood but they also have to move those individuals elsewhere," Poloncarz said.

The county executive is asking people not to judge the entire community on the bad acts of a few people.