The rate of “suicidal actions” among transgender people is far higher than the wider population, according to a fact checking article published in Newsweek. 

Additionally, there is a concern that newly imposed restrictions in states like Florida and Texas on many aspects of life for gay and transgender people have created increased stress for this population – especially for trans youth.  

It’s with this in mind that the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has released new guidelines on LGBTQ+ students’ rights.

“There’s a lot that schools can do to ensure that the environment is safe, supportive, and these students feel welcome,” said Kathleen DeCataldo, NYSED’s assistant commissioner of student support services.

School districts have been both supportive and thankful for the new guidance, according to DeCataldo.  

“Schools appreciated the fact that we worked very hard to be as clear as possible,” she said.

That clarity was informed by a series of five breakout sessions that the state Education Department hosted with students across the state, from Buffalo to Long Island.  

“There are full quotes from those meetings with young people,” DeCataldo told Capital Tonight. “Really, that’s what guided a lot of the information provided.”

Parents rights organizations are unhappy with the new guidance, which they say pits parents against the state Department of Education. 

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