After a tight election which was decided by a percentage point, Brandon Williams is headed to Washington to represent the Syracuse region in Congress. The Republican congressman-elect told Capital Tonight that he will prioritize the cost of energy, farmers and reindustrializing Central New York.

Williams credits an authentic message on his concern about the direction of the country and his political newcomer status that helped him tackle strong primary and general election opponents. Williams does admit the final outcome of the race was closer than he and his campaign had expected.

When he gets to Washington, Williams said he will work to lower the cost of energy by supporting a “common sense energy policy” and supporting farmers in what he says will be a “big year for the farm bill."

As for the Republican leadership, Williams said he is “committed to supporting Kevin McCarthy” in his bid for the House speakership and adds that “Kevin’s the best one to lead us into a very thin majority.” As for caucuses, Williams says he does not plan to join the conservative Freedom Caucus when he gets to Washington.

On the issue of abortion, Williams said he is anti-abortion, but will not support a nationwide ban on abortion. Williams argues that the issue has been sent back to the states and states like New York should be able to set their own regulations.

The federal Respect for Marriage bill, which would codify same-sex and inter-racial marriages on the federal level, is still moving through the legislative process. Williams said he would support the bill and argues “it’s just moral and decent to respect same-sex unions under the law – marriage under the law.”

Williams and the rest of the House of Representatives will be sworn in for a term that runs until 2025 on Jan. 3.