BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Gov. Kathy Hochul was asked point blank Wednesday if a downtown Bills stadium had been ruled out.

She did not say no.

Rather, Hochul said the state is waiting on a study that's been underway for a couple months now.

When Spectrum News 1 asked for more clarification later in the day, she said there's a study going on by a company that's assessing different options and the state should be releasing it in about two weeks.

"We're studying all the options," Hochul said. "I have another... I'm thinking about this constantly. I'm talking to people behind the scenes just to get together information, but we'll make the right decision for the people of Western New York."

Various sources and public officials have said the major concern with building a stadium in the city of Buffalo is that it would be much more expensive.

The Orchard Park proposal is projected at $1.4 billion. It's worth noting that negotiations began long before Hochul took over as governor and she may have a different perspective as a Western New York native.