BUFFALO, N.Y. — Spectrum News 1 previously reported the Assembly Judiciary Committee's wide-ranging investigation of former Governor Andrew Cuomo could conclude by Oct. 1.

Tuesday in Buffalo, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie would not be that specific about when the body might release a report.

"If I give you a day and it's not correct then it will be said that I was incorrect," Heastie said. "It's really hard to pinpoint a day. I just know that they're getting towards the end."

He said updates about the report are better given by the chair of the Judiciary Committee. However, he does believe the report, which is expected to include the investigation's findings on sexual harassment claims, the potential misuse of public funds and the disclosure of COVID nursing home death data, will be ready "much sooner rather than later."

"I'm just anxious to see what they found so I'm not looking forward to seeing anything," he said. "It's what the facts show on the different topics that we investigated."

While in Western New York, the speaker also weighed in on the ongoing negotiations between the Buffalo Bills, the state and the county to build a new stadium in the region. Heastie wouldn't say how much of the project the public should fund since he's not directly involved in the negotiations.

"I haven't had any involvement other than being a vocal supporter of wanting the Bills to stay here in the Buffalo area," he said.

Heastie said one person who is involved in those negotiations, new governor and Western New Yorker Kathy Hochul, has done a good job in general since taking office roughly a month ago.

"She's been very hands on," he said. "Governor Hochul's been very hands on. She's been all around the state so I think she would get a very high grade on her first couple of weeks in office."

Although there's plenty of outside interest in the Buffalo mayor’s race between incumbent Byron Brown and Democratic primary winner India Walton, Heastie, who is from the Bronx, says he will watch from the sideline.

"I'm not making any endorsements in this race," Heastie said. "I stayed out of the races in the city of New York so we'll see what happens.