The Adirondack Council is expected to release its annual “State of the Park” report on Tuesday, September 7. 

Capital Tonight got a sneak peek of the report from the council’s director of communications, John Sheehan, who said that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo left behind some unfinished business when he resigned his office. 

“There are a couple of things that we hope get [new Gov. Hochul’s] attention early in her administration,” Sheehan said. 

The first is a bill that would require boat inspections for motor boats and trailers in the Adirondack Park. 

“That bill would be a big advancement on the protections that we have now,” Sheehan said.  “And it was passed unanimously in the legislature. We’re hoping we’ll see a signature on that soon.”

The second issue left undone by Cuomo was appointing a road salt taskforce. 

According to Sheehan, the taskforce doesn’t yet have any members, yet it’s due to address the Legislature at the end of the summer, and to make a formal report on December 1.

“We’re way behind schedule on that and we’re hoping to see some action on that relatively soon,” Sheehan said.