BUFFALO, N.Y. — Friday marked the first campaign filings since democratic socialist India Walton's primary upset over incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

The period spanning from June 7 to July 11 shows both candidates plan to raise and spend a significant amount of money through November as Brown continues to challenge Walton with a write-in campaign.

"It's going to be a very interesting year and we're going to see a lot of things that we don't normally see in elections," political analyst Jeff Williams said.

Walton raised nearly $200,000 this period, spent about $80,000 and has roughly $150,000 remaining. The candidate had hundreds of individual contributions with 205 coming from voters in the city of Buffalo.

However, she also saw money come in from 20 other states, Japan, and more than 40 individual contributions from New York City zip codes.

"There's a network of individual contributors across the country that give money to those who are proclaimed democratic socialists, so if one of those candidates wins, those contributions show up," Williams said.

Meanwhile, Brown's filing was still not posted late Friday afternoon. The campaign said there was a technical issue with the State Board of Elections website.

However, it said he also raised nearly $200,000, spent almost $300,000 and has a little more than $200,000 on hand. In previous periods, Brown has seen significant support from the city's business community and developers.