Two weeks ago, the White House and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators announced a framework for a deal on infrastructure. 

That deal is still being hammered out. 

In the meantime, the House of Representatives last week voted to approved the “Invest in America Act," a $715 billion transportation and water infrastructure bill, which focuses on traditional infrastructure like roads, bridges, transit, rail and drinking water.

Several elements of the bill were negotiated by Albany area Democratic Rep. Paul Tonko.

“In the efforts for consensus, it’s important for both houses, both parties, to state their priorities and put a framework together,” Tonko said. “The Invest in America Act is our template.”

The projects in the bill sponsored by Rep. Tonko can be found here, and will impact communities including Clifton Park, Watervliet and Schenectady, among others.

Regarding the House’s infrastructure bill, Tonko explained that it can be synthesized with the to-be-released Senate effort.

“[The Invest in America Act] is something that can then juxtapose with the Senate bipartisan proposal and also work within the confines of the White House,” Tonko told Capital Tonight.