After a surprising defeat in the Democratic primary for Buffalo mayor, long-serving Mayor Byron Brown announced last week he would challenge the winner of the Democratic primary, India Walton, with a write-in candidacy in the general election. 

Capital Tonight asked Jim Heaney, long-time Buffalonian and Investigative Post founder, editor and executive director what Brown and Walton need to do to win in November.

Both need to get out their vote, said Heaney. 

“I think in Byron Brown’s case, he needs to make the case for why he deserves another term,” Heaney said.  “He needs to give people a reason for sticking with the status quo.”

According to Heaney, some voters have said Brown cannot rely simply on running on his record, which is spotty on issues including policing and lead paint reduction.

And India Walton? 

“She needs to bring people in to help run a professional campaign. I think she needs to stop talking about being a Democratic Socialist. I don’t think that’s a real issue in this campaign, plus the mayor is trying to make it one,”  he said   “And she needs to address her lack of experience which important. How is she going to go from running a small non-profit to running a $500 million dollar a year city, is a legitimate question.”