Now 39 New York state senators have signed on to a letter, calling on congressional leaders and the acting U.S. attorney general to hold President Donald Trump responsible for the violence that erupted at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

Senator Liz Krueger said President Trump should be removed from office for inciting what she calls a “rebellion.”

“We need to make clear, that within our border, we do not accept or allow this kind of behavior,” Krueger said. “We will stand up to it to protect our citizens, to protect democracy.”

However, with less than two weeks until President-elect Joe Biden takes office, Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt said he believes such actions are unnecessary at this time.

“I think the calls to blame him doesn’t surprise me, but to remove him, all that is only going to fan these flames further,” Ortt said. “I think it is important to let him finish out his term. He said there will be an orderly transition. I believe that will happen.”

Despite the narrow window of time, Krueger said it is important to send a message.

“If you’re going to go after our fundamental institutions of democracy we are going to hold you accountable under our laws and our constitution,” Krueger explained.

Ortt doubled down, however, saying those who committed acts of violence on Wednesday are responsible for their own actions.

“At the end of the day, the guy with the Buffalo hat, the person sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office, the person smashing out the windows, they’re responsible for their actions,” Ortt emphasized.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is now also calling on President Trump to resign and on congressional leaders to move forward with articles of impeachment if he refuses.

“Well, he only has 13 days. That's not the point,” Cuomo said during a press conference. “The point is the statement that we do not tolerate this as a government. That's why impeachment. Now impeachment will bring great anguish to the country. The last thing I want to see and this nation needs is another period of division, another period of hyper political activity. But if he won't resign I believe impeachment is appropriate."