After 100,000 voters in Brooklyn received incorrect ballots, printing vendor Phoenix Graphics reprinted and resent corrected ballots and ballot envelopes to everyone who was affected, which prompted concerns from critics who wondered if voters who received two ballots could vote twice. 

According to both the NYC Board of Elections and Senate Elections Chairman Zellnor Myrie, the answer is “no.”

There are a few backstops to double counting votes: First, the New York City BOE will use bar code technology to ensure there is no double voting. Additionally, Senator Myrie told Capital Tonight that a law passed over the summer requires county Boards of Election to call voters who may have voted twice and sort it out.

"We have protections within the election law that allow for people to hand in one ballot that will be counted. We do not count double ballots, only one of them will be counted and in the event of a discrepancy, we just passed a law in Albany that requires local boards of elections to reach out to the voter and say, ‘there is a discrepancy or defect in your ballot, let's see how we can get your ballot to count,’" said Myrie.

Myrie spoke with Capital Tonight host Susan Arbetter.