New York is moving forward with reform in wake of George Floyd’s death.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new bills signed into law Sunday including the right to record police activity and the study of health impacts of COVID-19 on minorities.

This comes days after he signed the police reform and reinvention collaborative, allowing communities to determine what policing they need.

Local governments have until April 1 to pass this new law, or risk losing state funding.

He anticipates leaders from across the state, including here in Western New York, will play a role in the project.

"So, lead the process community by community. The mayor is a natural leader for this effort,” Cuomo said during his Sunday briefing. “I believe in the city of Buffalo. A person like Mayor (Byron) Brown who already started will come to the table. He'll be a leader."

Cuomo says there is still work to be done, and police departments have 9 months to redesign its operations to better fit the needs of the community.