Each year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils a new theme to reflect the agenda he’s pushing in Albany — a bit of sloganeering to highlight and summarize his plans.

It went little noticed, but on Sunday as he unveiled his first 2020 State of the State proposal with a new gun control plan, Cuomo also revealed his 2020 theme: “Making Progress Happen.”

That Cuomo’s focus is on the word “progress” should not come as a surprise, given his argument that true progressivism is, as he puts it, getting stuff done that affects peoples’ lives.

The governor said as much earlier this month at his birthday fundraiser, when he reflected on both his failed 2002 bid for governor and his father’s loss in 1994 when he sought a fourth term.

In the remarks, Cuomo said both men emerged from the loss with the determination that government should be about finding ways in which people are directly impacted by its actions.

“The challenge for the progressive movement today is to make people believe that again. To believe that we can turn the rhetoric of our dreams into the reality of results,” Cuomo said. “Most people will agree with the progressive aspirations. But they don’t agree that the government has the ability to actualize those aspirations.”

The new year will likely once again include a push and pull between Cuomo and the progressives in the legislature on a variety of thorny topics, not the least of which is a $6.1 billion budget gap.

But next year, look to Cuomo to sound this theme again and again when making the case for his agenda.